KATTA - organ

A musical expeditionary with a pioneering spirit, Katta is changing perceptions of the organ (both inside and outside the church) and challenging traditional notions of its limits. With her sleek, custom-built touring organ and film-star looks, Katta is not your average organist. More and more attention is attracted to her compositions, in which she uses her voice, opens new sound worlds and shows how organs can sound in the 21st century. She a laureate of Classic Prague Awards 2018 for her crossover project Vox Organi.


When, in Spring 2016, Katta released her landmark album 'Veni Sancte Spiritus,' it was as if we had found a road-map to the musical heart of this remarkable artist. The album was the first to feature Katta's own ethereal, other-worldly compositions, alongside works by Bach, Part, and Messiaen: a rich and rewarding spiritual journey that has found favour with critics and audiences alike.

An increasingly noteworthy composer of experimental and orchestral music, and a singer with a deep, soulful tone, Katta first came to international prominence as a classical organist and harpsichordist, performing with orchestras such as Anima Eterna (with Jos van Immerseel), Zurich Chamber Orchestra (with Sir Roger Norrington), the Royal Flemish Philharmonic, the Prague Symphony Orchestra, and the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra. She has also appeared at multi-genre festivals in Europe such as Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival or sharing a stage with Cameron Carpenter at Strings of Autumn in Prague.

Katta's performances have won her admirers beyond the boundaries of the traditional classical music audience. Her concerts are intense, thrilling affairs in which we observe an artist in her own time and place, unafraid of ruffling the feathers of traditionalists, reaching out into a world beyond genre and above preconceptions.